My name is Sandi Pedersen and “Quilting Your Quilts” is my dream. After my mother died of breast cancer in March, 2012 I was unemployed and badly in need of an income as well as a stress reliever. Out of boredom, I suppose, I searched the internet for sewing “bees” in Katy. “The Odds and Ends Group” was held at the Katy library, and I found myself packing up my 40 year old Viking sewing machine and off I went. The ladies were all working on beautiful quilts and I wanted to make one. Everyone was willing to help and I was hooked. As I learned to quilt over the next several months, I found it both relaxing and a wonderful way to learn from; and connect with other women.

When October rolled around, so did the Houston International Quilt Festival. I attended every day and realized what I wanted to do. So, I made a business plan and bought a Gammill with a Statler, in everyday terms, an expensive long-arm quilting machine run by a computer. But where would I put a 14 foot machine, which did not fit in my house. After a lot of searching I found an office space with a big air-conditioned garage and my “Quilting Your Quilts” studio became a reality. A place where I can go to relax and create “beautiful” memories that will be passed down from generations to generation.

So welcome. Even if you don’t quilt I hope you find inspiration and relaxation in all the “beautiful” works of art, we women create and you see here.